Friday, July 7, 2017

Valencia CF sign Neto

Its official, Juventus goalkeeper Neto has signed for Valencia CF and the transfer fee is supposed to be somewhere in the region of 5 million euros, plus bonuses based on the players appearances and performance.

This means Diego Alves is as good as gone, with Jaume and Neto who will fight for the first position. At times I don't understand this club, we sold Ryan for much cheaper, we will get rid of Alves to save on money, but then we spend 5 million plus additional money in bonuses on another goalkeeper, when we already have two really good ones and used to have 3.

Spend money we don't have on positions we are fully saturated on and actually don't need strengthening, while we sell for pennies on the dollar just to make space for the new unneeded arrival. Do I think Neto is a great goalkeeper that will be better than Diego Alves? Not even remotely, at best I think he is going to be as good, but even that is unknown as we'll just have to wait and see.

I just don't see what the calculus is, what the strategy is and which players can we realistically get with NO money!?