Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Aderlan Santos saga

Supposedly Valencia CF had agreed a loan deal with Sao Paulo for Aderlan Santos, adding a 3.5 million euros purchase option at the end of the loan deal, but the player himself has refused such move as he doesn't want to play for Sao Paulo and wants to stay in Valencia CF.

The player feels like he hasn't been given a proper chance by the former coaches and the crazy situation in Valencia CF over the past two years prevented him from winning a place in the starting eleven.

Personally I am yet to see any positive moves by Valencia CF on the transfer market, we haven't brought in anyone yet, we sold Enzo Perez for pennies on the dollar, he was one of the highest valued players on our squad just one year ago and we sold him for pennies and the Maksimovic arrival was negotiated over 7 months ago, think even more than that.

Marcelino wants a whole new backline, but my question is where are we going to get the proper players from? With only Garay as the solid option, Mangala long gone our options are what we have, but Aymen, Santos and Vezo are not in Marcelino's plans and who can blame him based on their overall performances, but its not like we have replacements lined up and money to get them all.

So its a waiting game for now, but so far I'm not seeing any actual smart moves on the market, I'm not confident that the new administration is doing the right moves and the sort of planned and strategic transfer market that we all hoped would see. Its just another scramble to get rid of some players and bring in whatever we can find for the cheapest.