Friday, June 2, 2017

Financial realities to force sales at Valencia CF

Valencia CF budget next season would be 93 million euros, which is lower than last years small budget, which was massively lower from the season before that. In fact Valencia CF went from somewhere around 140 million budget, to a mere 90 million for the next season, a reduction of over 50 million euros in less than two years.

This means that Valencia CF will be forced to sell this season as well, especially the big earners like Enzo Perez, Nani, Aymen Abdenour as well as find a permanent home for Alvaro Negredo who will be returning from loan by the end of June.

Even though Valencia CF got themselves a shirt sponsor finally, the amount is estimated at about 3 million euros per season, a far cry from the search for a 8-10 million euros sponsor two years ago and a significant far cry from Atletico Madrid who earn over 16 million euros per season.

Another news is that Mangala won't be coming to Valencia CF, as Manchester City don't want to sell him cheaper than 18 million euros, but even if they did sell him lower, his wage is way too big for Valencia CF to take on now, somewhere in excess of 6 million pounds, so close to 7 million euros per season.

In terms of transfer money Valencia CF can spend up to 15 million euros, anything more would put the team in the red, which would be unacceptable in the position the club is in right now. So all in all Valencia CF has a tough season ahead, too little money, high earners that no one wants like Enzo Perez and Alvaro Negredo, with Marcelino being one of the few positive things.

I can't wait for him to start full on work, hopefully there'll be videos of the training sessions, it would be interesting to see his training methods and I can't wait for the friendlies to see how the team will stack up. I'm excited, but also worried and cautious about the possibilities.