Friday, June 30, 2017

Enzo Perez sold to River Plate

Its official, Enzo Perez has been sold to River Plate for the ridiculously low price of 2.5 million euros. Valencia CF listed Enzo Perez on the transfer market for 11 million euros, but due to lack of interest was forced to listed to the one and only offer from River Plate which was absurdly low.

So yeah, we bought him for 25 million euros just 3 years ago and now we are selling him for 2.5 million euros, talk about bad deals. Truth be told he didn't celebrate himself at Valencia CF and with a mix of poor performances, constant injuries, fatigue issues later in the matches, etc... his price dwindled down and all interest for him dried up.

So the sale was to essentially get rid of the player, save on salary expenditures and open space for new arrivals.

What do you guys think of this sale?