Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Marcelino's squad plans

Valencia CF coach Marcelino Garcia Toral has made his thoughts and wishes clear to the Valencia CF officials pertaining to the squad and transfers for the upcoming season.

First up he has himself identified Santos and Vezo as ones he doesn't count on and has suggested to the club to try and sell them off. The club has suggested the sales of Diego Alves, Alvaro Negredo and Joao Cancelo in order to reduce the wage bill and get some income to fund potential incoming transfers, but this has been rejected by Marcelino with the exception of Negredo, which he's made clear doesn't count on him if the club doesn't.

He has also asked if the club can keep Mangala who's been our best defender this season, but the official response is that a bigger sale needs to happen first in order to facilitate that, but that Mangala's salary itself is rather huge and even at a lower salary it would still be too high, so chances of Mangala staying are so far very slim.

One of the players who's stay he's requested is Daniel Parejo, he feels like Parejo is a crucial member to this team and doesn't see any better alternatives at a reasonable price. So the club is going to try and keep Daniel Parejo, though the player has wanted to leave for quite some time and everything is possible at this point.

Some of the 'key' players that he is 100% counting on are Montoya, Garay, Gaya, Lato, Parejo, Soler, Santi Mina, Nani, Rodrigo and Zaza.

The club will listen to offers for Joao Cancelo, Diego alves and Enzo Perez at this point, at least from the players who are with the team now, loanees are likely to all be sold/loaned out again.