Thursday, May 11, 2017

Marcelino to become Valencia CF coach

Good news everyone, Marcelino Garcia Toral is to become Valencia CF coach. He was the first choice after the sacking of Pako Ayesteran, but due to weird LFP rules he couldn't become Valencia CF coach, so Valencia CF were forced to go with second option Cesare Prandeli which turned out to be a bad move overall.

Now the new leadership has choices Marcelino as the new coach who will begin his work in the summer, before the new season begins. Marcelino coached Villarreal previously and had great success with them, building a strong and cohesive unit with great team play.

He's also used to working with a "cheaper" squad if you will, so he is not going to demand some outrageous transfers and instead is going to look at improving the current squad, with obviously two or three reinforcements where he thinks are needed most!

Its up to Marcelino Garcia Toral to basically accept or reject the offer Valencia's sent him, and we are going to find out in less than 24 hours.

If he does accept the offer its going to be very good news for Valencia CF, we are getting one of the best available coaches out there, he knows Spanish which is always a big requirement for Spanish football, he knows the area, he knows the culture and he is an experienced coach who has dealt with pretty much everything.