Saturday, April 22, 2017

Malaga 2-0 Valencia post-match thread / transfers

Sorry all, but I rage quit after the first goal. I'd switched on to see Valencia and saw none of that. Possession had been 75% in Malaga's favour and we were awful. Giving them too much possession and quickly losing possession when we had it. Voro's attempt at a bit of rotation backfired here and we see again what we already knew: the squad has no depth.

Sadly, this will be the problem in the late season: the team is safe, but has no possibility of European qualification and as an aspiration "let's fight for tenth place" isn't the biggest motivator.

Probably time to think now about who to sell and who to bring in in the summer window. It's all limited by financial fair play. Realistically, we have to get shot of the highest wage earners, Negredo and Enzo, who should raise a combined 20m.

Next should be the dead wood, the bit players in the squad. I'd think Ryan (4-5m) Bakkali 3m and Santos 3.5m. Total 11m.

Lastly it's up to us who to sell after that. Cancelo is the obvious option for around 25m. Gaya is a possibility for around 30m. Recently there were also stories of Tottenham's interest in activating Rafa Mir's release clause of 8m.

If we sold all of those (except Gaya) that's 60m, counting the cash coming for Yoel and Piatti. 11m of that is already earmarked for Zaza and Orellana, leaving about 30m for transfers, as the rest would be debt payments. A decent holding midfielder to replace Enzo and a centre back, as we can't afford Mangala's wage would seem to be the priorities. Anyone heard any other options?