Monday, March 6, 2017

Atletico Madrid 3-0 Valencia post-match thread

I missed yesterday's game, so I'm putting this up instead for discussion. From what I saw of the highlights and from reading the match reports, it sounds like Valencia were simply outplayed from the beginning. The team has done well this year to claim the scalps of Real Madrid, Villarreal and Bilbao, but away from home is still struggling and lacks any real consistency, so quality teams can easily find a way to break Valencia down.

On the plus side, Santi Mina returned yesterday, giving Voro an extra option. The game was also Zaza's ninth, so if he plays one more game, we're compelled to buy him. Reports suggest the club has already decided to do so. I don't think he's worth the money. While he does add qualities which have been missing, 2 goals in 9 games isn't a great return for a centre forward, it's equal to what Mina achieved last season from the wing and far short of Negredo's 2 goals in 5 games average or even Alcacer or Rodrigo's goal in 3 games.