Saturday, January 7, 2017

Zaza to ultimately join Valencia CF

Simone Zaza is supposedly going to be the first "reinforcement" for Valencia CF this transfer window, which is a bit strange as Valencia CF stopped all dealings with Zaza as they looked to bring in another player, but I guess they've changed their minds and would ultimately be bringing Zaza to Valencia CF.

Suso is supposedly negotiating with Juventus to bring Zaza in tandem with Patrice Evra and with these two add some much needed experience to the squad, though if you ask me Evra will be strengthening the wrong position, while Zaza is a huge question mark if he is actually going to contribute anything as he's been garbage at his current club West Ham, in fact so bad that everyone wants him gone yesterday.

Is Simone Zaza the man to turnover Valencia's fortunes as Prandelli claimed on his press conferences and the key cog in this chain to make a turnover for Valencia CF? Personally I don't see it, I don't see how this out of form, out of confidence player is going to help us at all, but stranger things have happened.