Monday, January 2, 2017

Valencia CF vs Celta Vigo Match Preview

Valencia CF find themselves in an awkward situation as coach Cesare Prandelli resigns from his position just two days before the new year's, leaving the team in a bit of a shock at the turn of events. We've also heard that it was Suso who actually offered to resign first at a meeting between him, the president and Prandelli, with the coach saying if he leaves he would follow.

Suso was convinced to stay by the president, but then Prandelli decided to leave after he was told that only one player could arrive in the winter transfer window and he had to choose between Zaza or John Obi Mikel. The coach though this was a backtrack from the promised of Peter Lim and that he wanted 4 new players and was only getting one, so decided to leave.

Right now Voro is going to be the temporary coach of Valencia CF, for how 'temporary' we'll have to wait and see, I think it will be decided based on results. If he can muster up a few wins, say 2 wins in 5 matches he is probably going to stay, at least extend his stay to probably several more matches. He's been doing well with the team when he's taken over as a temporary coach, but that is one thing, being permanent coach is a different thing, but can he do worse than Prandelli? We've reached bottom, I don't even think its possible to accumulate less points that what our past 3-4 coaches have done, they've been so ineffective.

Anyways Voro starts his tenure with immediate problems in defense as Garay and Mangala are both injured, though both are recovering from their long term injuries they are still not fully ready to feature, but Santos also has suffered some sort of smaller health issue and is a question if he can play tomorrow. He'll have to create a make shift defense, using Valencia CF B team defenders and shifting around the positions of others. Another issue is Gaya who was recovering well from an injury, but has been injured again.

So really bad position to be in, not only is the team in dire straits in terms of results, but we are also suffering from terrible injury and personal problems, including Aymen Abdennour who is out of the squad and playing for his country for the African cup of nations and will be out for at least a month, possibly more if Tunisia do well.

Even the reinforcements that we were supposed to get like Zaza have supposedly been stopped, as the management reassess what players the club needs and Voro is going to be the person who suggests what positions need strengthening and what players he wants.

Another thing is who is Voro going to feature for tomorrow's match against Celta Vigo, he has been pragmatic in the past, choosing the best teams on paper, but making it work where others haven't been able to, though usually making one notable change that makes a difference. I'd also like to see Lato finally featured, put him on the left wing, Ayala and Siqueira(assuming Santos is injured) and Montoya as right back, with Cancelo on the wing.

Nani is also back from his injury, so he can also feature for the team, though he is not match fit and it will be interesting if Voro decides to use him right away.