Friday, January 6, 2017

Valencia CF after Patrice Evra

Valencia CF are supposedly interested in Juventus FC left back Patrice Evra. Patrice Evra has been instrumental for Manchester United and has helped them win many titles, with the player transferring to Juventus towards the later stages of his career, though for a defender its not unusual to play even until 36 years of age, usually not on the wings as speed does leave with age, but many full backs have went on to play as central defenders.

Either way he is now 35 years of age and his contract expires this summer with Juventus not interested in renewing his contract and with him being second choice this season Valencia CF sees an opening in order to get him. Juventus is also a weaker club in terms of revenue from tickets sold, they have a small crowd due to the smaller city they are based on, and overall in Italy the salaries are not much bigger even for the top teams, certainly bigger than Spain overall, but not by much.

Issue here is what are we going to do with Siquiera who wants to stay his full loan deal here and has rejected offers for him, and we have Jose Luis Gaya who's been disappointing, but so has everyone. Not to mention what would this do to the possibility for Lato getting a chance? We all know what happened to Isco and him not getting chances here and leaving. We don't want a repeat of that and to lose a super talented player like that obviously, so why Evra?

I mean he is a proven winner and we need his character, his experience and from that perspective I think its a good deal, but we don't need a player on that position, at least not right now, not unless Siqueira leave this winter.

I think they have the right idea of going for more experienced and proven players who have the character and winning mentality, but they need to go after the right positions and maybe a little bit younger players, Evra is 35 years old, he is not getting any younger, question is how much he can contribute on the pitch at his age as a left back. Again he is a proven player, but he is getting into years now so that can be an issue if we can't fully use him on the pitch.