Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Valencia CF 1-4 Celta Vigo

If anyone thought Valencia CF can do better, well here is your wake up call. I mean yes we did have terrible injuries at the back, where none of our center backs were available, but come on, conceding 4 goals because we didn't have 2 standard central defenders in the match?

I didn't watch the game, couldn't do it, but I would have turned it off immediately when the team conceded in the 3th minute even if I did start off watching the match. I just can't deal with it anymore, the garbage defense, garbage midfield, garbage attack, garbage play, etc...

Huge protests at the Mestalla during the game and outside, the Spanish fans showing their deep displeasure and as Cesare Prandelli said, the club is run by numbers people, not football people and that is why we are in this crisis now and its ultimately Peter Lim's fault, he is the owner, he is the decision maker, he led to this downfall.

But even if he leaves now, it would not fix things, everything is broken, no one is running the club, no one that has any clue on how to run a club. So VCF is like a headless chicken, we don't even know what player to purchase and its not like Peter Lim is giving us any options. Why is the scourge so worried about fair play rules, when we are going to be playing segunda division next year if we don't get proper players now?

I just don't understand it. And there is no money? Well who's fault is that Peter Lim? Yours!!!! Run runs the club? Who makes the decisions, who gets the sponsors, who signs the player contracts and negotiates salaries? You and your close team of yes men and woman, who have no clue of football! You are responsible!

What do you guys think about the result and do you believe that magically things will turn on the better, because personally I don't believe so, in fact I think its going to get much worse!

Ok, so first goal was 100% Enzo's fault, sure Jimenez could have reacted better, but he was in a very tricky situation.
Second goal was Cancelo's fault 100%. Again sure you can blame the new kid of the block, but Cancelo gave away the ball, Jimenez tried to block, but was unsuccessful, there is little that can be done when a ball is gifted to the opposition like that. Sure if he was a top defender he might have done better for both goals, but even good defenders would in most cases not be able to do much.

I see a lot of blame on him, while ignoring the real culprits for those goals. The third goal though would be a share of blame between Cancelo and Jimenez, once Cancelo failed from the start and was completely out of position then Jimenez should have closed down the opponent and run towards him, as well as be aware of his surrounding and play the offside trap. He panicked and played the other Celta player onside, allowing for an easy goal.

Fourth goal was again a combination of Cancelo and Jimenez fault, 40% Cancelo's fault and 60% Jimenez fault. Cancelo's marking was extremely poor, allowing too much space for Celta's player to play the ball into space and Jimenez was clearly out of his depth as he was so easily fooled and let the player he needed to mark go alone through on goal.