Sunday, January 8, 2017

Osasuna vs Valencia CF Match Preveiw

Valencia's new coach Voro will feature for the second time this season leading the team to try and avoid relegation. So far he has 2 wins actually and one loss, so a decent record, but taking over a team long term and becoming a full time manager is different and we'll see how he does, though its important to note that he still hasn't gotten the full job, I think Peter Lim and the management are looking to the outcome of the match against Osasuna.

Good news for Voro is that Mangala and Santos are back in the squad, though unfortunately Garay and Gaya are still injured. Nani is also back to the squad and might even feature tomorrow. Voro has also called up 4 Valencia B players, including Lato, though Vero has usually been pragmatic and I think we are likely going to see Siqueira playing on the left back position.

Soler is also back in the team and I think he deserves to start from the start, he's shown that he is better than the rest, not that that is any accomplishment, but I'd start him over Enzo or Suarez. Though knowing how bad our midfield is, maybe playing with 5 midfielders could be an option to prevent being run over.

So far nothing in terms of reinforcements, supposedly Zaza is supposed to arrive after doing a 180% degree on him and the club supposedly deciding to ultimately get him. We are also hearing about the possibility of Evra arriving, but again so far nothing concrete. 

I think its really hard to predict the match tomorrow, everything is going so bad for Valencia CF so far and doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel, it feels as we could drown and drown forever. I'd like to predict a victory, but my gut tells me another devastating loss.