Friday, January 13, 2017

Celta Vigo 2 - 1 Valencia CF Match Report

Celta Vigo were all but guaranteed to go through to the next round from the first leg's 4-1 result at the Mestalla. We needed to score 4 goals to go through without conceding any but we're not in any shape to get that kind of result. Didn't expect much from this match and rightfully so, it wasn't all too interesting or surprising.

The only unusual event was the inclusion of Vinicius Araujo in the squad for the game. His loan spell at Sport Recif in the Brazilian league ended recently and Voro decided to give him a chance. Well why not when nothing else has worked. Him and Rafa Mir are the closest we have to a typical 9, which we desperately need. His decision paid off with Araujo scoring in this game a few minutes after Celta Vigo were allowed to take a shot from far out which found its way to the back of the net. Araujo's finish was good and our current forwards have missed several chances of similar nature in the past. Not saying he's the solution, but he did okay. We still need a 9 with Zaza seeming more likely too join soon. Again, new players alone won't solve our problems, since these problems run deeper than that. And these players are unproven so we can't rely on them to change the result. 

This game had huge periods with it seeming like a practice game. Celta knew they had this in the bag and didn't commit to much in terms of lineup or energy. Valencia CF knew it would be near impossible to grab a win by 4 goals so didn't commit too much either. The rest was typical. Poor defending lead to a Celta goal from outside the box. We tied up the game quite quickly after but then Celta scored again in, you guessed it, the last minute of the game. This is becoming a really frustrating habit among many. We've lost a lot of points in the last few minutes of the game. We couldn't have qualified regardless but its outrageous how we keep committing the same mistakes over and over. 

Anyways, good news is Santos and Mangala are available again so we don't have to play with makeshift defenses from B team or out of position players like Mario Suarez. The other thing is, news sources are reporting up to 4 signings to come to Valencia this window. One of them is likely Zaza. Maksimovic who was signed for the summer could also come earlier if Valencia pay some money (otherwise it's for free this summer). Other players that were rumored could be Evra, Halilovic, and Roque Mesa. There was something about Jese too but I don't think that's likely.

Now we can focus solely on the league and the only mission for this year : avoid relegation. Former players are trying to urge the team forward starting Sunday against Espanyol. Let's see if we can turn it around.