Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sociedad 3-2 Valencia post-match thread

That was a bit unlucky.

That performance deserved more.

As they go home tonight, the players will be asking themselves how they didn't get a better result.

Those players care. And they play for Real Sociedad and they will really wonder how they were only able to beat a mediocre Valencia side by a single goal.

I switched the game off in disgust after the second goal and only switched it on now and again after that. I did see effort from some players. Abdennour, who has been much criticised here, put in a decent display, for example, but in typical "Valencia jinx" fashion, just as he's starting to show a few decent performances, he has to disappear on international duty for the African Nations' cup! Most of what I saw did little to inspire hope that we can get out of this nightmare and I ended up watching the tv, which will be far better for my mood in the next few days.

Nice to see that Prandelli's words in the press conference fell on deaf ears.

What do you think? Excited about the prospects of new destinations like Mirandes, Alcorcon, Huesca and Soria next season?

I'm too fed up to say any more so I'll leave it to you all to work out if there's a way out of this mess.