Friday, December 9, 2016

Real Sociedad vs Valencia CF Match Preview

Valencia CF drew the last match at the Mestalla against Malaga, conceding a last minute goal and losing the valuable three points, only managing to share the spoils with Malaga. Thing is draw was the fairest result, Valencia CF played better in the first half and deserved to win based on that performance, but in the second half, especially around the 55th minute the team collectively stopped playing and to be honest they deserved to lose, so I think we should be grateful that we got one point, when we could have gotten zero the way the team played in that second half.

Remember my articles in the summer how this is a makeshift team, how there are no real Valencianistas, how there are no players to root for and that the name of the team itself is just a name, its the culture, organization, players that make the team? Well now we are seeing that that is the case, Valencia CF has been having record LOW amounts of crowds this season, even though this blog has been fairly inactive, in the past in similar inactive periods there were still tons of people reading the match previews and reports, but now its getting lower and lower.

Today Prandelli held a press conference basically saying what I was saying in the summer, many of the current players for Valencia CF are not Valencianistas, they don't care, quite a few are on loan, quite a few are extremely new so they don't care, barely any have history with Valencia CF.

The longest staying players right now in Valencia CF you can count on one hand and even those years are pathetic, Diego Alves, Gaya, Cancelo, Parejo, Fede(yeah even though he's been on loan for the past 3 years, he'd actually one of the elders now), Moreno. Out of these only Parejo and Diego Alves have been here for over 5 years. 

This team is a JOKE! Only 2 players out of 24/25 or whatever that have been for 5 years, ALL the rest are here for LESS than 5 years, in fact less than 4 years! Pablo Piatti and Ruben Vezo who have been here longer are out on loan, and the way we've treated Piatti I hardly doubt he'd want this team, not the way we are playing and bound for relegation. 

And to think the "geniuses" at the club wanted to sell Diego Alves in the summer, to think that there were people that dumb to want to sell Diego Alves! One of our best players in the last 5 years, one of the most Valencianista, one of the hardest working players!

I'd fire them all, I'd fire Lim if I could and I'd fire half the players, replace them with some of our youth players like Villaba, Lato, Soler, buy few hard working humble players and rebuild. I know firing half of the crop would be basically another rebuilding, but these players we have now are relegation players, we've rebuild when we've had a champions league team over and over, that is not when you rebuild, you only rebuild when you have a relegation team! 

So pretty much ALL of the players were up to 15 minutes late to the training today, up to 15 minutes late, if you work in a grocery store, if you work in a packaging factory and you show up 15 minutes late, you don't get the salary for the day or you get one out of 3 warning before being fired. And these players come in 3-4 days per week, train for one and a half hour and they still pull this kind of crap? Your average worker who earns 30x times less than these footballers works 8 hours a day for 6 days a week for over 300 days a year. Yet these prima-donas can't even come on time on a one hour training, its pathetic! 

Prandelli is right to have called a conference and say what he has, these bunch are a bunch of whinny, unprofessional, ballerinas who haven't earned even a penny from their millions! They haven't earned even a penny of their millions! 

If I'm Prandelli I'd keep them every day for 8 hours, they don't have to do fitness or exercise, obviously you don't want to injure all the players and tear their muscles, but have them to exercise for 2 hours and for 6 hours hold them there, talk tactics, watch match replays, have football theory classes, whatever, make them work!

Some of these players deserve all the booing and whistles and insults hurled at them, I haven't seen a bigger bunch of whiners and lazy ass players. This has to change, they need strict regiment, they need to be held 8 hours a day, 2 hours of training, 6 hours of football theory and tactics and all the rest. These players shouldn't be allowed to make a mockery out of this club, shouldn't be allowed to come to a training as a sort of field day, as a sort of excursion, screw around for an hour and a half to two and go home. They need to work their asses off!

I still overall blame Lim for it, he didn't plan long term, he got too cozy with Mendes which got the fans super angry in what they saw as money grab deals and all these things lead to another to another and we are where we are today!

If he was more strategic and planning long term, if he kept the top brass, Ayala, Rufette, other lower end people that have been working in the club for decades, who kept the core of the club, kept the continuity, etc... we'd be much better off, the club would have been more stable. He had to get rid of everyone, he had to cozy up and make deals with mostly Mendes overpaying for average players, etc... If he just held back a bit, if he wasn't so aggressive in having his way and being 100% in charge of everything when he no clue what he is doing, we'd be much better off today!

At this point its going to take a miracle to turn things around, I tried to be more optimistic once the season begun, last season Leicester City won the premier league, I thought once the season starts anything can happen, just be positive, take the good things and run with it, but at this point there are no good things anymore, everything is so bad, its terrible!

Peter Lim has announced that there is no money for transfers, basically up to 10 million euros overall and even then if we add a new player we have to sell one to reduce the salary payment! Good job not getting a sponsor Peter Lim in over 3 years! How is Valencia CF supposed to add any players then? No sponsors, you overpaid tens of millions on average players, you sold the ones with potential and sure we got a good cash infusion, but with being relegation battlers who would buy tickets and shirts to fund this club? 

No champions league, no sponsors, less and less fans to buy stuff, less and less prestige for this club and soon enough we are going to lose the advantage we have in the TV deal and get screwed over and barely get anything from there as well.

Anyways what do you guys think? I don't see anything positive anymore, can anyone point to something positive? We seem to have a good coach overall, but he doesn't speak Spanish, he's a bit off his prime, he got the team during the season, so he didn't have the summer time to sort things out his way and the team, the players he has are not good enough, so he is limited what he can do! 

Other than that we have terrible players, terrible owner, terrible management, terrible planning, terrible financials, terrible results, terrible luck even, pretty much everything is terrible.