Friday, December 16, 2016

Peter Lim's failed logic

Valencia CF president Layhoon gave a press conference, along with Pitarch and in that press conference said that Peter Lim invested 200 million euros in players and that spending money doesn't guarantee results and we should be getting better results.

Spending money doesn't automatically guarantee trophies, but it does guarantee results if you buy the right players, unfortunately for us Peter Lim spend over 150 million on his buddies Mendes overprices clients.

Tell me one player that was brought by Peter Lim that made a return on his investment in terms of sporting results? Enzo Perez has not made a return, Moreno hasn't made a return, Negredo, Gomes, Cancelo, Aymen, etc... What paid off were deals made from the previous administration and those were Mustafi, Otamendi, Feghouli, Diego and our own youth players.

Valencia CF success in the first year of Lim's arrival is based purely on the old guard, on the players who were brought here by the previous administration. None of the Lim's players made any real impact, only Gomes was actually not a complete waste, he came in cheap and brought in the hard work if nothing more.

Cancelo is only now becoming a very good player, but he is still not there yet and he would need to play at an increased level for us for the next 2-3 years in order to make a return on his investment. As of right now we have not had any of Lim's transfers pay off.

What is even worse is that Pitrarch hasn't found the cheap quality deals, he says he doesn't have money and had to work to get cheaper players with quality, well he's failed. What good quality cheap players has he brought? Montoya came in free, but he hasn't paid off, he didn't establish himself and personally I think Barragan would have been more useful to us as he had a really strong attacking presence, even more so than Cancelo.

Mario Suarez hasn't turned out to be the forgotten gem, in fact he's proven terrible and I think keeping Fuego would have been a much smarter move, he was a hard working and humble professional who respected Valencia CF. Suarez is here on loan, doesn't see how he would care.

Munir the Barca water boy who was OBVIOUSLY overhyped by Barca favored media and their own fans hasn't paid off, sure he's scored few goals and hasn't been terrible, but you want someone to impose himself on the first team, someone who would consistently provide great performances.

I'm yet to see a Pitarch transfer that has paid off either. Some might say Nani is a good signing, and on paper he is, but again in terms of his contribution to Valencia CF he's failed.

So Peter Lim has invested 200 million euros into his friend's overpriced players, in the hopes of developing them at Valencia CF and then selling them off even more expensive and making profits out of it, why else would he almost exclusively make deals with Mendes? Maybe if Peter Lim kept Rufette, kept Ayala, kept Salvo and asked them which players to get, asked them what kind of transfer to make, but no, he had to get rid of the core structure at the club, from the top level to the bottom level and screw everything up.

Layhoon might be experienced sitting in an office and doing numbers, but she has no clue about football, she has no clue about players, about transfer, about tactics, about football culture, nor does Lim or anyone else who's worked with him. Football is not a business, it is, but its not. The business is so interlinked to the sporting factor, that you need to run it as a pure sport, as a competitive competition and the business aspect comes by itself.

Literally the business aspect in football is non existent, it comes by itself from the sporting aspect. The better results, the more competitions you play in, the more trophies or higher placements the more money you make, its automatic. You can make an administrative business decision to "boost sales", that doesn't exist in football, so bringing in a corporate CEO to handle a football club was doomed to fail from start and will keep on failing.

And you can't just play on a day to day basis and make decisions in hindsight, that doesn't work, in football you have to have long term plan and you have to stick with it, follow it through and do it once and instantly and do it hard. Half assing stuff doesn't work.

Who does Peter Lim in terms of players think is capable of more? I'm looking at the team and I'm not seeing anyone that is capable of much more, sure there are players who can do a little better, but I can't see Parejo doing better, Enzo, Suarez, Moreno, Munir, Santos, Siqueira, Montoya, etc...

I can see Gaya that can do better, but I don't know if he can be guided and led by the new coach to get the maximum out of him. I can see Garay doing better and I'm expecting for him to get better and better as he gels more, as he gets used to the team and environment more and more.

Cancelo can get better, but again we are talking about 6 months to get one level out of 20 better to put it in simple terms. We are looking at the long terms for him to become top player. Mina can do a bit better, but he's shown that he is wildly inconsistent and the few players that are showing amazing talent and have performed well like Bakkali, Leto, Villaba, Soler haven't been given a chance.

Soler got like one chance just recently, heck I've barely even seen Medran and he was brought in as a "future Baraja", give him a chance then, give him more minutes. I know Prandelli wants to create a consistent team, but he has to experiment with individual players, start Medran or Soler instead of Suarez few games, its not like we are getting so many points with Suarez playing.

Heck bench Parejo, it was his fault we conceded two goals against Real Soceidad, his garbage defending is what allowed them two easy goals. He just stood there like a mentally ill person starting at the grass. Literally a young teen from the youth leagues would do better than that garbage defending. Bench him and try out Medran or Soler instead of him.

I actually like the way the team played in the summer more when we had Soler, Villaba, Leto, Eugeni in the team. I thought we played much better, faster, more direct, more enthusiastically, etc... than when we had Parejo and Enzo and other players on those positions. I would literally start slower, but still make drastic changes and this would be my team if I was coach:

Formation: 4-5-1
Line-up: Diego; Cancelo, Mangala, Garay, Leto; Mina, Soler, Eugeni, Medran, Bakkali; Nani