Friday, December 30, 2016

Official: Cesare Prandelli Resigns

Valencia CF coach Cesare Prandelli has resigned effective immediately and Valencia CF will appoint Voro as a temporary coach once again. According to sources very close to Valencia CF, he's resigned due to "irreconcilable differences with the management and transfer policy of the club".

I guess he's had enough of the fake promises and blatant lies of Peter Lim who promised him strong and good reinforcements, but when it was time for action he just completely ignored his own promises.

I mean hopefully some of the people still playing hardball will finally realize the situation is not a joke, you can't just say that people just blindly and ignorantly support the club, even though true support of this club would be to attack Peter Lim as the owner and ultimate manager of this club and putting it into an extraordinary terrible situation, rather than pathetically excusing everything that is actually happening and rushing towards segunda!

Thing is NO ONE can succeed at Valencia CF when we have such polarizing and terrible management! No one trusts Peter Lim anymore, everyone is looking at Valencia CF as a JOKE! This is all Peter Lim's doing, he has been a scourge to Valencia CF. In just three short years he's managed to destroy this club!

No planning for transfers, no long term sporting strategy, no short or long term financial planning, everything has been done haphazardly and one a day to day basic, as if he is running a pawn shop and even those shops are run at a more serious and important way, let alone a hundreds of millions euros football club.