Monday, December 12, 2016

Meeting at Lim's

Valencia CF coach Cesare Prandelli, Jesus Pitarch, Layhoon and other top brass will travel to Singapore to meet with Peter Lim to discuss the current crisis and reinforcements for the winter transfer window!

We know that the appropriated budget for the winter can be up to 10 million euros, for each player who arrives one has to leave and individual salary can't exceed 2.5 million per year. So right from the start Valencia CF transfers are limited, almost crippled, so how can Valencia CF bring any new quality players then?

The answer is it can't. Valencia CF is going to bring in loan players or super cheap players not wanted anywhere else in order to "boost" the squad, which in turn is going to cause even worse performance! Right now we have too many on loan and young inexperienced players, too many new players, so bringing in more new players without quality would mean doing the same mistakes they've done so far!

The only way out of this crisis is to disregard fair play rules! Think about it, does anyone really believe that we are going to be playing Champions league or even Europa league anytime soon? Why would we be following fair play rules if we aren't even close to the Europa league? By the time we can compete (if we buy quality and spend a lot of money smartly) then we'd be playing well enough and doing well enough to get more shirt sales, get more ticket sales, get sponsors to pay better, etc... so it won't even be an issue.

Fair play rules won't be important if we are playing in segunda division!!!!!! Peter Lim needs to inject 50 million euros into Valencia CF in order to get 3 new quality players!

We need to purchase one high quality DM, no matter what quality player we go for we'd have to play around 15 million for a quality player on that position! Then we need a proper winger for the right wing, Nani has been playing left wing for us, Santi Mina is more of a striker rather than a winger and using Cancelo as a makeshift is just temporary solution, so we need a quality right wing, preferably someone who can hold the ball and is technically gifted.

Finally I'd purchase a new central midfield as well, look Parejo wanted to leave in the summer, he might want to leave again next summer and he is the only midfielder of that kind we have. Also he doesn't need to play all matches, having another CM preferably a playmaker would do us a lot of good. I'm a fan of controlling play, keeping possession and this would work in Valencia CF favor as holding the ball would prevent the opposition from attacking us so much, if we control the ball, the opposition can't attack us.

I know we technically need a striker, but even if we went back in time and got the real Ronaldo(9) in his prime years, he can not score goals if we aren't creating enough chances for him. Yes sure a real Ronaldo would improve our attacking play and would go on to score a few individual goals, but ultimately I think any striker can do well enough if the team provides enough good chances!

So I think between Moreno, Munir, Santi Mina(who is technically the closest to a striker) we can score goals if we actually create good chances and often enough!

Now of course the issue is that Peter Lim is not going to want to invest any of his money into Valencia CF, I think he is of the thinking that he invested a lot of money in the first year and it didn't really pay off, but the main point here is that he invested a ton of money on overpriced players from his friend Mendes, when in reality these players should have cost half the price we paid for them!

Sure Aymen wasn't Mendes client and we paid 25 million for him, we now know we overpaid for him and in terms of the performance he's given us he is not worth more than 5 million. Enzo Perez worth around 10 million at most, Cancelo is our best buy at 15 million euros, but he is still a potential, sure he is basically one of our most valuable players now, but when we got him he wasn't worth 15 million euros, Moreno cost us 35 million euros, at best he is 10 million and for Andre Gomes we paid 15 million in what was the only decent deal at the time, we even sold him for a big profit.

But the truth is none of the big money players have ever made a return on their investment in terms of play, in terms of performance on the pitch. The issue was that the purchases weren't chosen from a sporting point of view, they were chosen on a personal relations point of view with a scheme to enrich Mendes, develop these young players and sell them for profit down the line. I bet Peter Lim wasn't expecting that his financial and personal deals that has no basis in sporting decisions would fire back so terribly.

Essentially what saved the first season with Peter Lim as the owner was Otamendi who was purchased by the previous administration, Paco who was a youth product and had an amazing season, Gaya who broke through the youth ranks and had a breakthrough season and our coach Nuno at the time, who's defensive style counter attacking football allowed Valencia CF to perform optimally with the players that it had.

If you remember none of the big money players made any impact, Negredo was injured than came back and couldn't replace Paco, it was the other players like Diego, Mustafi, Otamendi, Barragan, Gaya, Parejo, Fuego, Piatti, Paco, Feghouli who made the difference. Only Andre Gomes featured regularly in the midfield, but as an attacking midfielder and he was the only one fairly priced at the time.

Look at the team just 2 years since then! We only have Diego, Gaya and Parejo left. Our core defensive duo is gone(for Otamendi realistically we couldn't keep him), but everyone else we just threw away. Now we have a makeshift team of loanees, mercenaries, new players that have no fusion together, that have no relationships together, that have no history together, that don't even care in many cases.

The only solution to the current problem is 3-4 high quality players in the most needed positions. Get rid of Ryan(I'm sorry for him, but once again our terrible planning that we ended up with 4 goalkeepers and Yoel has been the loan out victim), get rid of Guilherme Siqueira(and promote Leto already), sell Fede or send him on loan since he doesn't want to be in Valencia CF(and who could blame him?, sending him on loans time and time again) and that is 3 players left, now we can use the money saved on their salaries to bring in 3 new players.