Thursday, December 29, 2016

Joao Cancelo to Barcelona FC?

I guess this rumor isn't going away, once again reportedly Barcelona FC have signed Joao Cancelo from Valencia CF, the deal is supposedly super confidential, except that half the rumor media guess know about. The deal is supposed to be worth 30 million euros.

Valencia CF have denied these rumors, but considering its Peter Lim and the trash Valselling'a its probably true. Valencia CF sporting director said Joao Cancelo would stay in the winter, but the way he talked about Joao Cancelo and keeping him in the summer, it seemed as he knew the player was/is going to leave. He was from now basically trying to make excuses and ease the notion into people's minds.

Personally even if Barcelona FC haven't signed him, I know he will be gone in the summer, after all we are dealing with Peter the scourge Lim here, who if you read my previous posts over the past half a year, you'll know used the club as a personal enrichment toy, though he didn't expect that his garbage management would lead to Valencia CF trying to survive relegation.

I think if the club goes to second division Peter Lim is going to sell it, as he will be unable to continue with his scheme, basically cut his losses, sell the team separately, sell the stadium, try and recoup as much as possible on his purchase.

Either way we are doomed, Peter the scourge Lim doomed this club!