Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bring in the old guard in a supporting manner

Peter Lim got rid of everyone, so its not going to be easy and certainly people don't have confidence in the management of the club, but these people and former players would support the club and try and help.

Bring back Ayala, bring in Marchena, bring back Rufete in an advisory slash scout role. Its important to bring in people who are Valencianistas, who are proven winners, who love the club and let them loose in all aspects to try and help us.

If anything hire Marchena as an assistant coach or not even assistant coach, just a coach in the team of Voro, Ayala as scout and Rufette as adviser to the management. We need people who know what they are doing, who've been successful with Valencia CF and who can really help this team.

Its clear that Peter Lim is like a headless chicken with the running of this club, Layhoon and all the rest of the Peter Lim's team are garbage in managing the team as well, so bring in actual people who know to do their stuff.

I'd even consider bringing back former club presidents who know how to plan long term, who have been successful with this club. Whether its the previous president or Manuel Llorente before him, we need a stable force to lead the club.

And Happy Holidays and New Year everyone, hope you've had a great year beside the terrible feelings Valencia CF has brought you.