Friday, November 4, 2016

Valencia CF can still reach Europa League

I know it seems like a pipe dream now, but look at it with the facts, Valencia CF is only 6 points from 6th place, that is just two wins.Sure its not like all the other teams will stay in place and wait for Valencia CF ti catch up, but if Valencia CF can manage 4 wins in a row or at least 4 wins out of 5 games we'd be right up there, fighting for 6th position.

Now can we realistically hope for 5th spot and automatic qualification to the Europa league? That seems kind of a stretch, especially since 5th spot it 9 points away and in reality that would have to be at least 6 wins from from 9 matches or more to realistically fight for 5th spot, but 6th spot is realistic and reachable.

Sure we had a chance and blew it against Deportivo La Coruna, it was a good opportunity to get in a winning streak, and the team blew it against one of the weakest teams in La Liga right now, but this is a long haul and all Prandelli has to fix is just two key issues, one of which already seems quite better and that is the defense, but of course it still needs improving and that would also mean Aymen not playing ever and another issue is recovering the ball quickly, marking the opponents tight. When Valencia CF loses the ball none of the players start pressuring the opposing players, they all start falling back and moving into defensive positions, when instead they should be instantly pressuring, with just one defensive midfield and the two central defenders standing further back into their positions. Everyone else need to put pressure on and try and get back the ball instantly.

Valencia CF coach Prandelli talked about this in his interviews, he gets it, he understands the issues, the problem now is fixing these things and here is the challenge, is this a tactical issue, player issue, formation issue, technical issue, or a combined issue? Prandelli will have to figure out how to solve these problems in order to make this team more competitive.

We can also look forward to the winter transfer market, the team has money now, but I doubt its too much and I doubt we could we spending a lot of money. In all likelihood the team can spend about 30 million euros at most and would be looking to possibly get two to three players for those money. Personally I think we need a quality defensive midfielder, someone who is a true destroyer, but also possesses technical skills and can pass the ball efficiently. I think we can find a player of that mold for about 15-18 million euros, leaving potentially 12 to 15 million euros for an additional player.

Another weak spot is the wings and attack, we basically don't have any pure striker and Moreno hasn't paid off the trust in him. Truth be told Valencia CF has failed to create too many chances, but even when they do Moreno has been unlikely to finish them. Our wings are also suspect, we can't seem to be able to provide good service from them, but rather than turning to the market, we could look inward and give Fede and Bakali a chance. These two have barely featured at all, so they could be given chances and they could surprise and offer a solution there.

Anyways I think we still have a lot to look forward to and Valencia CF can turn this situation around and make this season a success yet!