Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Give Prandelli the full season

I know the results haven't been the most stellar and looking at the trend they are likely not going to get much better, maybe slightly better, but we have to stick with Prandelli and give him the support and confidence for the whole season. Fans need to be patient with the coach and it would be absurd if supporters(especially Spanish ones) started acting up. We are on our 3rd coach since Nuno, 4th if you count Voro the temporary coach, so just from purely numbers perspective we are out of coaching options.

Prandelli won the European cup with Italy, that is no small feat, you don't achieve that by chance, he knows which players to choose, what kind of tactics for each opponent, etc... He needs the full time to get to learn some basic Spanish so he can more effectively translate his thoughts to the players, his ideas and he needs time to learn the best tactics, formation and players for this team, he took over months after the season started and he hasn't had a summer preparation, he probably didn't even know much about VCF before coming on.

He still hasn't gotten it right in terms of best squad and optimate tactics and formation, but he is trying and changing stuff up, small changes and rotations, not sudden shifts to lay waste all that progress, he is slowly building up his preferred team, though it will probably take another 2-3 months before he is able to find the best possible squad and tactics and formation for that squad.

As I've been writing for I think about a year now, this team lacks good movement, this is THE PRIMARY ISSUE! When the team moves, they move as individuals, not as a team. This is why so often we only see 2-3 guys in attack, because the players don't move in unison, so when we are attacking, only the attackers are out there attacking, our back line is too far back, our midfield is too in the midfield, when the defense should be at the centre of the field, midfield should cover the 25-35 meters and the attackers should be anywhere between 25-10 meters from the opposing goal.

Right now Valencia CF defenders are in their own half, usually at least 5 to 10 meters back from the center line, midfield is somewhere on the centre line with ONLY Parejo slightly more forward at times. Then we have the 2 or 3 forwards our there in attack against 6-7 opposition players, this way they can never score, its almost impossible to score in such a situation.

So the PRIMARY ISSUE Prandelli needs to sort is team movement, team cohesion, team coordination, they need to all move in unison and move as a one single unit. Numbers in attack, numbers in midfield, numbers in defense, even the goalkeeper should be involved in game play, just like most modern teams with modern coaches like Juventus, Chelsea, Manchester City, etc...the play starts with the goalkeeper, he is the one who builds-up the play.

So while we shouldn't copy-paste 100% such system, especially when we don't have the proper players for it, but we should be implementing the features that we can do, that will benefit us, picks parts of that system and implement them. This team, this Valencia CF would literally become 2x times better just by learning better movement as a team!