Sunday, November 13, 2016

Analysis of Transfer Needs

Valencia CF finds itself in a tricky situation. Economically, it is not in a great place. The stadium got delayed again, the club has reported losses, and Financial Fair Play might be an issue despite a summer of heavy selling.

However, it is clear that the current squad just won’t do; it needs reinforcements. Because of the restrictions on the team financially, the team needs to prioritize its spending to get what it needs.

The most important thing right now is depth. As it is, we have 4 midfielders. That isn’t good for a team that likes to play with 3 midfielders regularly. It means that in the case of sanctions and injuries, the options become extremely limited. So, Valencia will definitely need at least one new central midfielder.

The ideal option would be a destroyer with good ball handling skills. A pipedream would be Morgan Schneiderlin, for example. He’s a possible option only because Manchester United wants to get rid of him this winter. However, due to the scarcity of players with that profile, it is more likely we will have to find a more regular central midfielder, like the Turkish Tolgay Arslan or the Mexican Hector Herrera. A truly cheap option would be a player like Fabregas or Esteban Granero, players with known quality who have been struggling recently and their teams are desperate to get rid of them.

Another position that needs strengthening is striker. Rodrigo Moreno is a very hard worker, and he has good positioning and makes good runs. However, it is a little known secret that his finishing can sometimes be sub-par. In addition, sometimes the team lacks a true physical presence when he plays. Players like Munir and Santi Mina are no better due to their slight frames.

The ideal buy would be someone like John Guidetti from Celta. Big, strong, surprisingly fast, and with good ball skills and associative play, he is exactly the type of player Valencia would benefit from. Seeing as he is such a good player, however, it would be unlikely that Celta let him go for a reasonable price. Other possibilities include Simone Zaza, who’s situation at West Ham is complicated at the moment, Belotti, another player who’s likely to be too expensive, or Gabbiadini from Napoli.

Valencia has done little to hint interest in any target in particular, so it’s difficult to say whether they will pursue any of the named players. However, it is likely that if they don’t go for the players themselves, they will go for the mold outlined above. 

Who do you think Valencia should go for? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.