Saturday, October 22, 2016

Valencia CF 2-3 FC Barcelona

Paid referees 3-2 Valencia CF. First Uefalona goal is absurd offside, isn't whistled, everyone saw it, even blind people gained sight and saw it, the only people who clearly didn't see it were the referees. Then Parejo is brought down in FC Barcelona penalty, clear penalty, but isn't given.

Then at the score 2-2 in the final seconds of the match Aymen does obstruct Luis Suarez a bit, but at best its a 50%-50% if its a penalty, Luis Suarez was too found to just go down instantly and the referee all too eager to give FC Uefalona the victory!

People blame Real Madrid all the time for fixed refereeing decisions, well Barcelona is 10x times worse. Maybe(unlikely) they are not paid, but the bias towards Barcelona is absurd, anyone can see it, anyone can feel it, I go to FC Barcelona fansites and their fans are admitting to refereeing fraud!

Valencia CF played great today, but that good play was undone by paid refereeing. Truth is Valencia CF deserved at least a point, both teams had chances to win, but didn't take them and the end result deserved to be 2-2, but it was unfortunately undone by terrible refereeing.

Diego Alves and Daniel Parejo has especially great game, both were key to Valencia CF contesting FC Barcelona and having a positive result, while we also saw glimpses of incredible skill from Nani. Cancelo was once again a huge threat on the right wing and proved to be a constant menace for Barelona's defenders.

Valencia's equalizer came through Munir who arrived in place of Montoya and it was Parejo's pass that found him just at the edge of the box with Munir releasing a powerful show that went past Ter Stegen.

Then just three minutes later Rodrigo Moreno gave Valencia CF the lead after an amazing lob ball frm Nani found him. He timed the shot perfectly and the ball went past the goalkeeper and into the net.

On the other side FC Barcelona had several good chances to score, but Diego Alves showed once again why he is such a great keeper and that it would have been a gigantic mistake to have let go of him in the summer.

Player Ratings:
Diego Alves 8 - Couldn't do anything about the goals, but stopped plenty of other shots fired at VCF's goal.
Montoya 5.5 - Quiet defensive performance from the right back, did he job well and rarely ventured forward.
Garay 6 - Great defending and he will become a key member of the squad in short time, rarely put a foot wrong.
Mangala 6.5 - Great defending, especially in the air and had several crucial blocks to stop Barcelona from having an opportunity on goal.
Gaya N/A - injured early on and replaced by Aymen
Suarez 5.5 - Safe performance from the defensive midfielder and kid of sat at the periphery of the play.
Enzo Perez 6.5 - Good defensive display and huge determination to keep Valencia's side going strong.
Cancelo 7 - Great as a winger and was a constant menace for the Barcelona's defense.
Parejo 8.5 - Amazing game from Parejo, seems to be thriving in his new position when he doesn't need to worry as much defensively and is more forward so he can contribute more with less risk involved.
Nani 7 - Flashes of brilliance and if he can find some consistency and play like that all the time he could become a huge asset for Valencia CF.
Moreno 6.5 - Scored the leading goal and generally positioned well, causing Barcelona some trouble at the back.
Aymen 6 - I thought he had a great game up until that last second fault. Can't blame him too much as the referee was only too eager to give the penalty and otherwise he was solid, but once again 1 clumsy mistake is all it takes to ruin everything.
Munir 6 - Scored the equalizer with a powerful shot, featured in few more attacks as well, but couldn't impose himself more.
Mina 5 - Lost the ball too many times dribbling and had no final pass at all. Defensively suspect as well and didn't help out as much as Rodrigo.