Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Any interested in writing for this blog?

I can't do it all by myself. The amount of time and energy and research that goes into posting even one smaller article is quite large and I just can't do it, can't keep the blog updated.

So I'm looking for one or two or three more writers who would be willing to write for the blog and keep the blog up to date. I already have two writers beside me, but they are busy as well and their contribution is limited, so if you want to help out and write for VCF, now is your chance!

Also would you guys be interested in visiting a domain and having a dedicated forum, with the outlook of possibly transferring to a website design later on if time and stuff permits it. For this to happen though I'll need small donations, since I can't afford a hosting and domain package, especially a decent one. I've looked at domain registration and the cheapest .com would be around $60 for a 5 year domain registration(with a private WHOIS option included) and around $150 for 2 years hosting plan. With my terrible salary I would literally have to stop eating for a whole month and delay my bills to pay for it.

So tell me if there is interest for that, obviously a domain would make the blog more visible over time, it will feature more in search results and a dedicated forum would allow fans to chat all round about the club.