Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Valencia CF vs Deportivo Alaves Match Preview

Valencia CF vs Alaves Match Preview

Stadium: Mestalla
Date: 22.09.2016 22:00 CET 
5th matchday, La Liga 
Coaches: Voro and Mauricio Pellegrino

Valencia CF is in a world of turmoil as Pako Ayesteran has been sacked due to a series of poor results and the club is trying to find a new manager, with the first option being Marcelino, but he is supposedly forbidden from managing another La Liga club in the same season he has already managed one and even though he terminated his contract with Villarreal before the first official match of this season, supposedly the rules state that after a certain date he is coach of said team, which is absurd. I think he can win in a court of law, because that rule doesn't make sense if he hasn't lead a team in any official match, but that would take long time, time which Valencia CF doesn't have.

The Spanish league overlords are going to give VCF a hard time on this, if this was an issue with their masters FC Barcelona or Real Madrid, their owners, then it would be a non-issue, but since its Valencia CF, they will make it extremely hard to get our way. 

Either way Valencia CF current temporary coach is Voro, he's coached Valencia CF before several times, so he is no stranger to the position, in fact our results under him are actually impressive, considering the terrible times he's taken over the position. So to tell you the truth I'm expecting more from him than I would have expected under Pako. Voro also has a knack for picking just the right team and saying the right things to get them fired up for those few matches he leads them, so actually I'm optimistic about tomorrow's match.

Valencia CF opponent is Deportivo Alaves who are coached by former Valencia CF player and later coach Mauricio Pellegrino. After being sacked by Valencia CF he's had a modest coaching success and has now taken over Alaves and we'll see how he does with them, so far they have 6 points from 4 matches, so decent result for them, certainly much better than Valencia CF.

To be honest I have great feeling about Valencia CF and our chances to get top 6 spot, I know I've said its going to be a relegation battle, but now that Pako is gone I feel like a curse has been lifted off of the club, and not to say Pako was an unlucky charm(though he did blame bad luck in all of the lost matches), but in my spirit, in my gut I have a feeling this is going to be a turnaround for us. Its still only 4 matches so far, there are 34 more matches and we could even go on to lose 4-5 more, its not the end of the world, as long as we can win 16/17 matches and then its all good again.

Lets turn this around guys, lets all inject positive energy into the club, positive thinking, lets all support and cheer and pray or whatever to help the team go on to compete for top 6. We have Garay one of the best defenders in Spain, he will return from injury, we have Garay who was bad at City, but he was also really good before and thus he reached at the time a record price for a defender. Santos was also a good defender, talented and promising player before he came to Valencia CF, Gaya has been amazing for us he can reach his potential and if not we have an even better option in Lato.

I think we are going to have a turnaround and it might be tomorrow or in the coming weeks, but its coming. 

Valencia CF Squad:
Goalkeepers: Diego, Jaume
Defenders: Cancelo, Montoya, Mangala, Santos, Lato, Gaya
Midfielders: Suarez, Enzo, Parejo, Medran, Soler, Fede, Nani, Bakkali
Forwards: Santi Mina, Moreno, Munir

Technical Details Valencia CF (probable setups):
Formation: 4-3-3
Line-up: Diego; Cancelo, Santos, Mangala, Gaya; Enzo, Parejo, Medran; Mina, Moreno, Munir.
Tactics: Low defensive line, own half pressure, slow tempo pressing, crossing style passing, winged attacks, counter attacks

Match Prediction
Valencia CF 3-2 Deportivo Alaves
I expect Valencia CF to achieve its first win this season and its first win in over 7 matches since last season, but I don't expect it to be easy. I think our defense will leak again, like always, but I think we'll be more efficient up front and this would probably turn into an open game with lots of goals. I think we are going to try and play more defensively in order to prevent goals on our end, but will end up playing a more direct and open match.