Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Valencia CF sacks Pako

Valencia CF sacked Pako Ayesteran after just four league match in which the team lost all four games. Pako's excuse was bad luck in the first three games, on the last admitting that Valencia CF got outplayed and lost deservedly, though he still mused about better result, which wouldn't have been realistic.

Peter Lim I bet is regretting every single decision he's made, from his dealings with Mendes, buying overpriced players, to getting rid of every single Spanish staff and most of the internal management, there were a lot of people working for Valencia CF that weren't at the top, their names weren't known, but they were key to a stable Valencia CF, Peter Lim released most of them, I think two retired in the last 2 years, top management released as well, people like Ayala, Salvo, etc...

With no spirit, with no hearth the club started decaying, and since the beginning of last season the club has gotten to the bottom. Last seasons Pako's accomplishments were not being relegated, that was deemed so good that he was offered the coaching position, even though a master coach like Manuel Pellegrini was available and he personally said would prefer to return to Spain, his manager said he's love to coach Valencia CF, but Peter Lim and Suso ignored a master coach like him and went for Pako who's sole accomplishments were not getting VCF relegated. Look I'm thankful to what he's done in the past, he had a great time with Benitez, he was directly responsible for the glory days back then, but his coaching credentials were almost non existent, you don't hire such person for the job.

That is like hiring taxi driver to control a space shuttle, it just can't work. To be fair to Pako he was told sweet little lies in the beginning, he was told the team was going to be strengthened, he was told Mustafi would stay, Paco would stay, all the top talent and players would stay and the dead wood like Piatti, Negredo, Aymen, Orban, etc... would be offloaded and new better players purchased to replace them. Camacho was one of the mentioned reinforcements, Albiol one of the others, I also heard several promising names in attack that were supposed to replace Negredo, but none of that came true.

Aymen stayed and Mustafi was sold instead, Gomes was sold for pennies on the dollar, as Paul Pogba broke records with 110 million euros transfer fee, while we settled for 35 million for the second best upcoming talent in Gomes. It was Pogba, Gomes, James the top 3 talents that were being mentioned, James stayed, Pogba sold for record fee and Gomes was essentially let go for pennies on the dollar.

In the last days Paco and Mustafi left to make matters worse, Diego Alves was on the exit door, being forced out, but no proper buyer was found and he stayed. Garbage transfer window by all accounts, so Pako's fault is limited here, but he was a yes man, he only has himself to blame. He could have said no, he could have exerted public pressure on Lim not to sell, he was even considering leaving on his own in between the first and second league match, but decided that he wanted to try his luck and try and fight, and look what that got him. Leaving disgraced and sacked, though the severance package is probably going to be quite big, so reputation loss, but monetary gain,

Now the question is which coach will be his replacement, there are probably 10 options right now, a lot of good coaches, few famous ones, several Spanish coaches as well, we also have one or two former VCF players who are available as coaches, quite a few options, the question is who exactly.

Truth be told there are only few very good coaches, its not like we have an assortment of 10 top coaches, but they are likely going to cost a pretty penny, so I'm not counting on those types. We are probably going to get a Spanish speaking coach, experienced who doesn't have to have super great results, but to be overall good coach with good motivational skills.

Tell us who you'd like to see as new coach of Valencia CF?