Thursday, September 22, 2016

Valencia CF 2-1 Alaves Match Report

The resurrection begins now. Voro is the man. Sure the win was kind of lucky, the penalty was 50-50%, I mean it wasn't a strong case for a penalty and some referees won't give such penalty, but luck for once was on Valencia's side. Parejo stepped in to take the penalty and his shot went in the opposite direction the goalkeeper went, securing Valencia CF their first win on the season.

As I mentioned in the preview, this was a hard fought win, it wasn't going to be easy for the team and for Voro having only held 1 training session as a coach, but he did it.

For the match itself Valencia CF first goal came from an own goal by Victor, it was another lucky goal for Valencia CF, but as I said I felt like a curse has lifted off of VCF when Pako left (he did blame bad luck on all of his losses, mind you) and now luck has returned to Valecia CF, allowing the team to win.

The play was mediocre, I didn't see much that I liked, same issues, same problems, bad passes in the final third, too much space between midfield and attack, very little cohesion, so it wasn't a good playing display, but it was enough against the mediocre Alaves as well. Neither team really played better, with both teams having better spells, with Valencia CF having the best spell of the match between the 70th and 90th minute, before some alarming play in the final few minutes before the end.

As far as Deportivo Alaves goal it come from a header, Toquero was left unmarked essentially and his header was quite powerful and precise beating Diego Alves and equalizing the score.

Lets hope this is the beginning of the turnaround in what I'm willing to be great season that we are going to finish top 6.

Player Ratings:
Diego 5 - Not much to do, suspect positioning for the goal, though I doubt few goalkeepers would have done better.
Montoya 5 - Good defensively, covered his position well, rare forward moves though.
Santos 6 - Good defending, made some proper tackles, came out higher when needed and generally a good assured performance.
Mangala 5.5 - Did well, he had two particular markings that made the difference and stopped attacks towards goal, stood down for Alaves goal, though not sure if he was supposed to be covering Toquero.
Gaya 6 - A little improved performance from previous matches, was a lot more concentrated when going forward, provided some good crosses from deep and was generally a menace going forward. Okay display at the back.
Enzo 5 - Had ups and down's all game. At certain points he was great, at others not so much, Sat back deep for most of the match and broke up Alaves attacks.
Medran 5.5 - Some nice intelligent passes, always available in the midfield, but was tightly marked in the midfield and couldn't make a difference.
Parejo 6 - Woke up in the second half from the 70th up till the 90th minute, but the rest of the match he was ineffectual. Good thing that he scored from the penalty spot to give VCF the win.
Moreno 4 - Rarely visible in the first half, replaced at half time for Mina.
Munir 4.5 - Didn't see anything of notice from him, made some decent runs here and there, but that was it.
Nani 4 - Don't see why he is included on the form and play he is on, maybe he just hasn't gelled, but he offers nothing.
Mina 4 - More visible than Moreno, but failed to make a difference.
Cancelo 6 - Good offensive play, he provided several crosses and caused trouble on the right wing for Alaves.
Bakkali N/A - Fell for the penalty, so that counts for something, right?