Sunday, September 11, 2016

Relegation here we come!

All that optimism from the previous week, after the arrival of Garay and Mangala, gone! As reality sinks in more and more, I knew, I said it time and time again, I said it was going to be a relegation battle, but people couldn't wrap their minds around it.

Well I'm objective and level headed like that, what seems to be radical hate spewing coming from me is actually a level headed objective analysis, albeit with very angry tone, but it is still objective and based on deep understanding and analysis.

I think right now no one can deny that Valencia CF are in a position to fight to avoid relegation. I held some small hope as well, I got tricked a little bit with the arrival of Garay and Mangala, but reality has sunk in, Valencia CF will be fighting to avoid relegation this season and that is the hardcore objective truth!

I'm not happy saying it, I'm not enjoying being right all the time, especially when its bad for the team, but I have to be objective as I've always been for the past 6 years writing for this blog and point out the hard truths, no matter if people get angry at me personally or not.

I'm just not even seeing the good play that others are magically seeing, yes we played good vs Las Palmas, but its against a newer La Liga team, we still loose 4-2, what happens when we don't play good? The result is we lose by 2-0 or more. I don't see with the way we are playing how this team can achieve anything better than trying to avoid relegation.

I called and called for Peter the scourge Lim to bring in Pellegrini when he was available, I spoke against releasing Nuno knowing a new coach won't improve our situation, I knew Nuno wasn't at fault, I knew Nuno wasn't to blame for the Mendez transfers, he was a simple coach, no control over the purse or market. At best he had small input, but fans blamed him instead of Peter Lim, instead of ousting Lim, they ousted Nuno and since then we've been going down hill.

At this point I don't know if anything can bring in hope, the only solution is for VCF to actually start winning and winning consistently and even then its going to be tricky to believe in this team.

People want me to write match reviews, editorials, keep up to date with news, I want to too, but I can't, I haven't got the will to do it when this team frustrates me. Not just the results, it frustrates me how they play, they play like garbage. I can't do it.