Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cesare Prandelli new Valencia CF coach?

Cesare Prandelli is supposed to be named new Valencia CF coach according to most Spanish sources. Apparently the deal has been struck, with Valencia CF agreeing to a two season contract, even though the club only wanted one season contract with a possible contract extension clause at the end for both parties.

I mean the guy is semi successful, he's led Fiorentina to several top 4/6 finishes in difficult times, he led Italy to the finals of the Euro 2012, but the most recent he's coached a club was in 2014 with Galatasaray where he was sacked duo to poor results. Since then he's been two years on the sidelines. Essentially the last true team that he had coached was Fiorentina in 2010, since then he's had no club experience and for the past two years he's had no coaching job either.

As far as I know he doesn't know Spanish, he's never coached outside of Italy apart from his short sting in Turkey and his last real club coaching was in 2010.

I'm not excited at all about this appointment if it turns out to be true and in all likelihood its true. I mean I still believe there are few better options, especially Spanish ones or at least ones who know the Spanish language.

I mean Cesare Prandelli is very experienced coach, but in Italian football, he's been 99.9% coach of Italian clubs, as a player only played in Italy as well, so very experienced Italian coach, but zero credibility outside of Italy, which is a huge worry.

What do you guys think about Valencia CF appointment of Cesare Prandelli as a new coach, do you think this is our best option right now?