Monday, September 19, 2016

Can Valencia CF turn things around?

Valencia CF suffered its 4th straight defeat in the league against Athletic Bilbao in what I suspected was going to be a disappointing loss and it was. Valencia CF started good, scoring a goal in less than 2 minutes and the action on goal was quite decent, nothing special and Nani's pass was deflected and thus the ball came towards Medran with his shot close to being stopped by the goalkeeper, but thankfully the ball went in.

After the 2nd minute it was all Bilbao unfortunately, it seemed like Valencia CF played one decent attack and that was their capability, they got dominated for the whole first half. I expected the team to do better with Medran on the field, he's been really good for us in preseason and the times he was introduced in the matches, but today he failed to make much of a difference. I guess benching him for Suarez, even though Medran had a great preseason and full preseason training with us and Suarez joined relatively late was Pako's genius master plan.

Suarez on the other hand has been garbage for us, I though he could come back to form, establish some of his Atletico Madrid days, but no, he's been worse than Danilo from last season, worse than Javi Fuego, he's been terrible for us. Good thing he is only on loan here, because he is worth ZERO!

Lato had an amazing preseason, but again Pako's genious master plan to return him to the B team, even though we only had Gaya as Siqueira was injured and even though Gaya looked much worse all preseason long. He doesn't choose players based on performance, he chooses them based on status.

Can Valencia CF turn things around? Absolutely not with Pako on the helm. Last year he saved us from relegation(big fucking deal) really? That is the accomplishment now that one has to achieve to be put in charge of Valencia CF? He's shows he's clueless tactically, strategically and selection wise from the start of preseason all the way until the last match. We play the same way, the same style, the same tactics, the same team, the same random crap against all teams! Where are the tactics in that? We have no player to player cover, we have no zoning of specific position against certain teams, we have no higher or lower defense, we play the same exact random crap every single game.

We always have the same defensive position, which is medium, we always attack with two full backs and there is never cover in defense when we attack. We also have no ideas and we keep loosing the ball in the final third of the opposition field. Rarely do we have accurate passing in the opponents third.

There is no way for us to win without any tactics and if we suck so much in the defense, then play appropriately, park the bus in front of goal and try and score through counter attacks, don't try and play a game you can't play, that you don't have the players to. We concede too much goals? Park the bus, venture out on counters and just stay compact, at least this way we might actually get a draw rather than a full blown loss.

I just don't see us doing good if we don't hire proven and experienced coach. Why do we keep on hiring unproven coaches? Are we a coach factory now? Get an experienced coach, get someone who's coached for a long time, someone with a proven track record, someone who understands tactics, someone with the knack for recognising talent and field the best team, rather than the team that is the usual.

My team would literally be:
Cancelo, Garay, Santos, Lato
Soler        Parejo        Medran
        Moreno  Valderrama

The players that most impressed me in preseason were 1. Lata, Valderrama, Soler. Play them! These are great players, huge potential, don't waste them, don't waste their talent, get them to the first team and let them play, give them a chance, I guarantee they will do better than the other players.

In fact an alternative team may look like this:
Cancelo, Garay, Santos, Lato
Soler        Enzo     Valderrama
         Moreno   Bakkali