Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shkodran Mustafi to Arsenal

Shkodran Mustafi is set to leave for Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger has made it his top priority to sign Shkodran Mustafi as a replacement for his 3 injured central defenders. Arsene Wenger has lost 3 central defenders due to injury which leaves his team exposed for the start of the Premier league and as such he's targeted Valencia's Shkodran Mustafi as his transfer target.

The player has reached a personal agreement with Arsenal CF, but the two clubs are yet to negotiate a transfer fee, with Valencia CF holding out on a 30 million euros fee, while Arsenal are willing to pay 25 million euros with bonuses.

To remind everyone Shkodran Mustafi arrived 2 years ago from Sampdoria for 8 million euros fee, so getting 30 million euros for him would be a huge profit, but on the other hand selling our best and most promising defender. That said if those money are used to bring in Raul Albiol I'd have high hopes again. If we manage to waste those money and bring in another unproven and young defender that needs YEARS to develop I'd be so pissed off, it would actually shatter a huge chunk of my support for this club. I'm sick and tired of Valencia CF being second fiddle club, always the same promises, always one good seasons and two bad, always selling our best players.

I'm also working on an editorial about how Valencia CF keep selling off their veteran players, so they end up being with players who don't care about the club, who don't care about the fans, who don't give their best all the time.

Which of our players have been with Valencia CF for over 5 years, not counting youth teams? Diego Alves is one of the oldest staying players and the garbage management wants to sell him, I'm sick and tired of this bullshit, I'm publicly calling out the the management. You idiots, how dare you, how can you? You are ruining this team, you are clueless, leave our veteran players, keep them in the team, what the hell is your problem?

I'm telling you guys and gals, if we do sell Mustafi and we don't get 30 million at least and we waste that money, some 15 million or more for some garbage, unknown "talent" from a country where they play same football as 4th division in Spain, I'd be so pissed off. I don't even know if I can continue to support the team with players I don't care about. I don't care about most of the Valencia CF players right now, I don't even really know them, the only Valencianistas are basically the former youth players in Paco and Gaya, Diego Alves is a Valencianista and actually Parejo is also one of the oldest players in the squad,a this point Vezo is actually a veteran for Valencia CF, that is how much new players we have who I don't know if they really care about the club.

All the top teams keep and nurture their veterans, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, City, Chelsea, etc... that is why they are successful, they slowly and over time build their team. Where are the Albelda's, Baraja's of the team, Marchena's of the team?

We have reliable Valencianistas players who we can rely on, if not on the field in the dressing room, to make sure everyone gives 100% percent for the club. I'm really pessimistic about the upcoming  season, we were linked with Albiol, Camacho, getting rid of the dead wood like "Negredo, De Paul Piatti, etc... but who did we bring in to replace them, where are our top reinforcements?

Peter Lim wasted close to 200 million on pretty much useless players that we have zero return from. Basically only Gomes turned profit and ended up being good, but we ended up selling him, cheaply at that. Some reports say the nominal fee is only 35 million euros, which is super low, with bonuses it could reach 60 million, but those bonuses are hard to get, its likely that we'd lose out on a decent portion of the money.

Are you guys leaning towards abandoning your support for the team? Tell me in the comments, I'd like to hear from you.