Monday, August 22, 2016

Ryan and Vezo will stop those goals

What a joke. What a joke you are Lim and your garbage cohorts. Sell Mustafi right now, sell our best keeper Diego Alves, of course we can fight for Champions league football with Vezo, Aymen, Ryan, etc... as our defense. Sell Barragan, bring in a worse player in Montoya who even failed at Betis.

What a joke. Its a sick joke! SICK JOKE! But of course transfers are supposedly not important, supposedly team play, yeah but you need actually good players to have team play in the first place.

Its a sick joke! Why didn't you hire proven coach last season, someone like Pelegrini would only cost much in the short term, long term you gain money, what kind of garbage business man do you have to be to not understand basic INVESTMENT concepts?