Thursday, August 25, 2016

Peter Lim get lost from this club NOW!

You've destroyed this club, you absolutely ravaged, murdered this club with over 100 years of history and tradition. You parasite, you removed everyone at the helm, including the internal people bellow the highest levels who've been at Valencia CF for 10+ years, some of them 20+ years and you put in garbage new cohorts that would be the yes men to everything you do.

It took you only 3 years to destroy this club, first you fed your friend tens of millions of dollars buying his absurdly overpriced players, then you purchase shares in them, so Valencia CF owns some, you own some and now not even in the third year and you've already sold all of them.

You are not welcomed in Valencia, I urge fans not to use violence, but make your voices heard, post negative reviews about his businesses, use strong words if he makes the mistake to travel to VCF, make sure you are vocal about the issue, but again no need for violence. That won't solve anything, but we need to make sure he leaves our club alone. This parasite has destroyed the club that many of us have supported for almost 20 years, in some cases even more. Spanish fans who've supported the club for 50+ years and now we've been turned into a club fighting to survive relegation.

The parasite that is Peter Lim needs to go right now!