Friday, August 26, 2016

Pako Ayestaran wants to leave

Valencia CF coach Pako Ayestaran wants to leave the club, turns out he's been told sweet big lies and now that he's had a dose of reality check hit him in the face, he is seriously considering resigning as coach of Valencia CF.

I think the next match would inform Pako's decision to stay or resign. I think if he sees another terrible loss like the previous one, where we concede goals left and right and we can't score goals on our own, I think he will make the decision to leave the club and I wouldn't blame him. He needs to jump off of a sinking ship before he gets all of the blame.

If you have followed his interviews for the past 10 days, you'll see he is giving cryptic messages and sort of trying to pressure the club into sanity, he even came out after Las Palmas game and publicly stated that Mustafi was not for sale, he knew Mustafi was on the exit door, he defied Lim's orders and said that Mustafi would stay, also calling for reinforcements for the club. Well tough luck champ, you won't be getting any and you'll loose Mustafi.

At that point I literally don't see how Valencia CF can even survive as a football club.