Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Paco wants to leave and I don't blame him

Only a fool would want to stay at Valencia CF and likely this season as the previous try not to get relegated, at best finish between 7th to 10th position.

I think he might have wanted to stay before, but after the home loss to La Liga newcomer Las Palmas, conceding 4 goals as if they were playing against a top team like Bayern or Barca or Manchester City, its no wonder the guy wants to leave.

Don't blame Paco Alcacer, he is not an idiot, I'm sure he in his own way loves the club, he is thankful to the opportunity the club has given him, but he doesn't want to play to avoid relegation, he doesn't want to play to be top 10 with no prospect of European football in the foreseeable future for Valencia CF.

Peter Lim has destroyed Valencia CF, it took a "billionaire" investor to finally and ultimately ravage the club. With Diego Alves literally half way out of the club, Paco Alcacer on the exit door, do you think Mustafi would like to stay? He is probably on the exit door as well and with those 3 players gone there is no point in supporting an imposter club. Valencia CF is not owned by Spanish, its certainly not owned by the fans as it used to be, it doesn't have any Spanish management, all of the known names internally are gone, all of the veterans behind closed doors who kept things ticking are gone, most of the former big names were brought in at some point and thrown out soon after, no player has played for the team for over 2 years, what is Valencia CF?

Its just a name, if the soul, if the spirit, if the idea of the club is gone, its gone, its dead. If Paco leaves, if Mustafi leaves, when Diego Alves leaves there will be nothing left. We would have a team of random players, most of whom a bunch of average nobodies, what is there to support?

The idea, the spirit, the soul of Valencia CF is gone, Peter Lim has absolutely murdered it!!!!!!!!!! Wish he never took over the club, he's murdered this club.