Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Paco and Diego Alves to FC Barcelona?

The rumor mill is going crazy in Spain, with all of the Spanish media reporting that Paco Alcacer and Diego Alves will join FC Barcelona and many claiming its already a done deal, with just the details to be worked out between the clubs.

We've known from last season even that the terrible management was looking to offload Diego Alves, but obviously me and everyone else though the huge pressure from fans and the bad results would put some sense in them and have them back off from such idiotic move, but now they are at it again, looking to sell our best goalkeeper, the guy who is a Valencianista, who got one of the biggest ovations in the presentation. They'd rather keep the inconsistent Ryan or the promising, but unproven Jaume. What a joke!

FC Barcelona has supposedly agreed personal terms with Paco Alcacer and the fact that the rumors are going around for almost a week and there has been to denial from Paco himself, means this could be true. The one issue if Paco has agreed personal terms with Barcelona would be the transfer fee they'd have to pay to Valencia CF, which I think Lim would want to make a big profit and not sell him for less than 30 million euros, with Diego Alves probably going for around 10 million euros, knowing Valencia CF always undersells our players, even though Diego realistically should cost 20 million euros and Paco at least 40 million euros at least in the current transfer climate.

If Pogba costs 130 million euros, then surely 40 million for Paco is the least we should get, of course the ridiculous thing would be selling him all together, we have no other options in attack, he has been our best player for the past two seasons, highest goal scorer and highest assistor for two seasons, you don't find that great strikers these days. Sure he is not a creator for himself, but he is a creator for others, he provides assists, provides space for others, we need a striker of his mold.

But yeah, Valencia CF is said to bring in about 40-45 million euros from the sale of these two and acquire FC Barcelona player Sergi Samper.

We still don't know what will happen with Mustafi either, so basically less than 2 weeks from the start of the new season we don't even know what our team will be. Will there be any Valencia players? Will there be any players who've played for more than 2 years at the club? We can't win anything, we can't achieve anything if each year our team changes, if each year we sell our best players, if each year we keep on getting trash. We can't do it, what player has more than 2 years at Valencia CF? Name me more than 3? Now if Diego, Paco and Mustafi leave, we'd have literally NONE, ZERO!!!

We don't have a team anymore, we have patched up a playing group of random players and hope we can achieve decent results, I'm sorry, but this season the goal would be to avoid relegation. I'd be the first one to admit my mistake if not, I don't mind that, but I know this stuff, I've predicted our team's position almost every year with absolute precision, I know what I'm talking about.

Now if we don't sell Paco, Mustafi and Diego, then we can do better than relegation battle, then we can focus on being in the top half of the table, but not more. Forget champions league, forget Europa league, the focus should and will be to finish in the top half of the table with these players staying.

Unfortunately its looking more and more likely how all of these players will leave.