Monday, August 29, 2016

Paco Alcacer to FC Barcelona

There you have it ladies and gentleman, Paco Alcacer leaves Valencia CF for a rather joking fee of 30 million euros, with Munir coming to Valencia CF on a one year loan deal with the option to purchase the player from FC Barcelona.

This guy who barely scored 3 goals last season is supposed to replace the 10 goals and 10 assists Paco Alcacer who's been one of our best players in the past 2 years and he isn't even a permanent Valencia CF player, though lets face it, he is 99% sure to flop and having him permanently on the team would just force player sales for the likes of Gaya, Enzo, Mina, etc... to be sold, while we keep the garbage.

You want to put a red carpet for Peter Lim for what "good" he's done just because he invested 150 million to his friends owned Benfica, purchasing players with his own business, not Valencia CF, giving Mendez tens of million in the process of agent fees and then selling them for a huge profit doesn't make what he's done good in my book, but I'll leave you to be the judge of it.

But can anyone seriously tell me apart from Parejo(who wanted to leave, why wouldn't he?)which player has played for VCF for more than 2 years, excluding youth players, since lets face it they are important, but usually 1 out of 20 per year makes it, so its not like some established tradition or reality to get top players from there.

Next year Parejo is gone, he wanted to leave, he won't extend his contract, so he is gone. You think other players would like to stay in a sinking ship, think again! We have no star power, we have no name anymore, we have nothing. Valencia CF has become SMALL club, the sooner everyone realizs this, the better as we can get rid of Peter the scourge Lim and it can only get better from bottom low at which the club is in at right now.