Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Official Transfers

Well as I've reported days ago the Paco Alcacer was a done deal, FC Barcelona paid 30 million euros for him and an additional 2.5 million in bonuses if he plays and scores certain amount of goals. So essentially think of it as just 30 million euros, which in this market when a nobody like Martial can sell for close to 80 million euros, Paco was essentially gifted to Barcelona.

In return(oh the "amazement") we get Munir on loan, another nobody talent with "potential" who's done nothing at FC Barcelona and Luis Enrique couldn't wait go get rid of him and let some other club try and develop him for them. His buyout clause at the end of the season is an absurd 12 million euros, for a total nobody who scored 3 goals last season. Yeah, great deal there. I mean come on, total joke, selling 2 of your best players 24 hours before the transfer period, where are you going to find replacements and now every other team like Zenit is playing hard ball and won't let go of their players, they know we are a trash club with garbage management so they will overprice Garay and Peter the scourge Lim would dish out 28 million euros for him.

Another official deal is Shkodran Mustafi to Arsenal FC, the deal is worth about 40 million euros, while Valencia CF are looking to pay 28 million euros for Garay now as Zenit is playing hardball thanks to our "amazing" management selling in the last 24 hours for the cheap as well. Well okay, 40 million for Mustafi is reasonable, it is a big sum, but so what when we have to dish out 30 million instantly to Zenit. So essentially his sale doesn't cover any of the financial losses.

I haven't seen this garbage of a business man in years, if Lim didn't own oil which lets face it is an automatic money maker, he would have never made it. I haven't seen such garbage management ever.

Also think of how all these sales would affect the players morals, people here seem to think inside of a box, as it things are happening on football manager game, not real life, but this is real life and losing two of your best players in the last days, with Diego Alves also on the exit door, Lucas Orban also close to leaving, so we've essentially lost 10 players this season and yes we brought in new ones, but there is no friendship yet between these new players, there is no respect, so imagine how all the players must be feeling with all these sales.

Do you really think their heads will be in the game for the next round? Do you really think they will give 100% percent for this club? Parejo is 100% thinking I better not play good, screw around and force my departure in the winter, I don't want to be part of this sinking ship.

How would we attract new players in the future when our name has been tarnished? And you better know Valencia's name has been tarnished, everyone I know, every casual fan or fans of other clubs laugh at Valencia CF right now. Everyone is calling Valencia CF small club and they are right. What separates Valencia CF from Las Palmas or Getafe, tell me?