Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cryatal Palace 3-1 Valencia CF

Yes it is a terrible loss, 3-1, especially going down 3-0 first is always bad, but its still preseason and even though their is only 3 weeks left, its still enough time to a address the issues. Good news is that we don't have a terrible squad, most of the Europe's top teams also have a lot of younger and unproven players, their advantage is that they do have some experienced and established players to guide the rest.

That said Valencia CF need a proper defensive midfielder, I've been reading that they are chasing an attacking midfielder, but we need a defensive midfielder who can also play with the ball at his feet, a technically skilled defensive midfielder, we need proper defensive cover.

If you watched the goals we conceded against Crystal Palace you'll see that its all individual mistakes, we have terrible defense and there is not much more to it. Terrible timing tackles, out of position players, terrible reading of the game, its all there. We need to step up our interest in Raul Albiol is we are serious about challenging for Champion league this season, otherwise its going to quite possibly be another poor year.

Bring in a defender and a defensive midfielder, those are the two reinforcement we need, we have the money from the Gomes sale, so use them now.

This loss shouldn't worry us too much, but it isn't helping alleviate fears either, but again considering Barcelona lost 4-0 to Liverpool today in a friendly, considering Real Madrid had terrible preseasons for the past 2 years, losing to almost every team they played, it shouldn't matter too much this loss, especially considering there we some positives. The attack is good, though every player needs to work on their finishing and final ball. The coach should focus a lot on those two fields.

The midfield also needs to be more dynamic, every time Parejo plays we are too static, too predictable, we need a dynamic midfield that changes formation 4-5 times per minute, we can't be playing with the decades old tactics of static midfield, static formation, the sole striker in attack, etc...

Cinte's Juventus showed us that dynamic formations work, attacking with 3-4 "strikers" when in advanced positions, having 5-6 midfield players when in those positions, and having 9-10 player defending when defending, etc... Every successful club in the past few years has played with a dynamic formation, dynamic team composition, being really unpredictable for the opposition.