Thursday, July 21, 2016

Official: FC Barcelona sign Andre Gomes

As I've reported about a week ago, FC Barcelona were stepping up their interest in Valencia's midfielder Andre Gomes and high level sources were saying they offered a total of 60 million euros, in which is included bonuses and stuff like that. Now the deal has been reached and FC Barcelona have purchased Andre Gomes from Valencia CF for a reported fee of around 60 million euros, which included bonuses, so essentially a lower fee, but can grow as much as 60 million, maybe even a bit more.

As I've already reported FC Barcelona see Andre Gomes as the perfect long term replacement of Andres Iniesta, with Iniesta having at least few more seasons, enough to pass on his knowledge to Andre Gomes, who has very similar play style to Iniesta.

Since Valencia CF utterly failed in selling Alvaro Negredo and Enzo Perez, two very expensive flops, the club was forced to loan out Negredo for a year so they can save on his extremely high wages, while no one bid nearly enough for Enzo Perez with some smaller fansites claiming a bid was made from a Portuguese club of around 12 million euros, clearly not enough for Valencia CF to sell Enzo and suffer a huge loss.

Since Valencia CF wants to bring in few more reinforcements, but doesn't have the money to do so they had to sell Andre Gomes. I've already written about that as well, explaining how in order to get their way, the club would have to sell Gomes, keep Enzo, loan out Negredo and with the huge money from Gomes sale get our targets.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, FC Barcelona sign Andre Gomes from Valencia CF for a reported fee of around 60 million euros, with the cash injection Valencia CF will be able to acquire its targets like Raul Albiol, Ignacio Camacho and Filip Kostic. Valencia CF needs to pay around 15 million for Raul Albiol, about the same for Camacho and Kostic, so overall a 45 million expenditure, all of which will be covered by the sell of Andre Gomes.