Sunday, July 3, 2016

Andre should be sold, Enzo should stay

Valencia CF coach and administration were determined to offload some of the "dead wood" and raise some money so they can bring in new reinforcements, but unfortunately no one wants "dead wood". Valencia CF have been unable to sell Pablo Piatti, Enzo Perez and Alvaro Negredo, Negredo had few offers coming his way, but all from clubs he doesn't want to play at.

Since the situation is such as it is, Valencia CF staff should work swiftly to remedy the situation and one solution is to sell Andre Gomes. I know he is a huge potential, I know he is possibly one of the best attacking midfielders if given enough time and build a team around him, but we need to think for the present as well, not just the future.

Chelsea FC, Barcelona, Juventus and other teams are interested in the player, some offers were said to have been in the region of 40 million euros, plus players, so essentially almost 50 million, we should sell him, get the money to bring in our wanted reinforcements and keep Enzo Perez. With a new training plan, new training regiment and better physical care of the player he can avoid injury and if he does so consistently he can give us good performances. He is not a bad player, but frequent injuries can harm him rhythm and form, preventing him from giving 100% percent for us when he plays.

As far as Negredo even a loan deal wouldn't be bad if the other team is willing to fully pay his salary and I believe there are few English teams that could take the player if offered on a loan deal. He can even possibly rediscover his form in England and we could always sell him next year.

We are one month in the summer and no reinforcements have arrived at Valencia CF, with no players being sold either, so we have a huge squad, but with the players that are unwanted. To start moving things forward Valencia CF needs to come to a compromise and that compromise is to keep Enzo Perez, sell Andre Gomes for huge sums, forget about the dream of selling Negredo and recouping some of the wasted money on him, loan him out to a team that can pay his whole salary and if he regains his form they can sell him next year and still recoup some money on him.

We technically just need one left winger if De Paul is to be sold or loaned out again and of course a good defensive midfielder. The year before Javi Fuego did awesome work for us, but this year his years showed and the next season they will show even more, we need a proper and quality player on that position, that will fix most of our defensive problems, proper DM is what the team needs.