Saturday, June 25, 2016

Valencia CF wants to bring Nani

Valencia CF are looking to bring Nani to their squad after an amazing performance by the player for Portugal in the Euro 2016. Nani currently plays for Turkish club Fenerbahche and is looking to leave this summer with Valencia CF providing the perfect opportunity for him to do just that.

Before joining Fenerbahce he played 8 years in Manchester United, firstly as a winger and later on as a full back as well. Valencia CF is set to offer in the region of up to 8 million euros for the player, though with his Euro 2016 performances not going unnoticed the price could easily rise.

Finally I want to address my previous post about the Brits voting to leave the European Union. Firstly I didn't vote on it, I didn't make the decision, but I do agree personally with it and I won't change my mind. You are free to disagree with my opinion, with my post as with any, freedom of speech and thought where its still allowed at least. This is not a political blog obviously, I don't see what's political about the vote, I see it as ideological determination and I would congratulate on any people choosing to self determine. If you disagree with the vote, take it up with the voters.