Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Enzo Perez likely to stay

Valencia CF have been looking to offload the expensive midfielder all summer long, but unfortunately his high transfer fee, high salary and injury riddled season have put a dampener on those plans. It seems no one is willing to spend around 25 million euros for the midfielder considering he hasn't celebrated himself the past two years in Valencia CF, so teams are afraid to take an expensive chance with Enzo Perez.

Enzo Perez came to Valencia CF as a huge reinforcement, but while he's given some good performances when on the pitch, his issue has been the injuries, he is just too much injury prone and has spend more time recuperating and healing than playing, thus Valencia CF management are planing on keeping Enzo Perez at Valencia CF with the plan on renegotiating a reduced salary for him, something he is unlikely to accept though.

Valencia CF could therefore have no option, but to keep him as is and hope and pray that he has a better and less injury riddled season.