Friday, June 24, 2016

Congrats to the Brits

I want to congratulate the British people on voting to leave the European Union. Personally I think the European Union had become the new Soviet Union, trying to force fed different nations, cultures, religions, languages, traditions, understandings and behaviors and mold them into one uniform people, lacking the diversity that makes each of us special.

Also if anyone proclaims to support and want democracy, this is it, the people the have spoken and voted to leave the political union of unelected bureaucrats. The European Union has for years now been a body of unelected, non representative bureaucrats who earn millions for literally force feeding their own lifestyles unto others.

There are all sort of theories what this will do to the football policies, but personally I think most of the stuff we see is scaremongering, Britain is in Europe the CONTINENT, they are Europeans, not being in a political union doesn't change that fact of life. So any notion that players from Britain won't count as European is absurd.