Saturday, June 4, 2016

Confirmed players Valencia CF wants to bring

Raul Albiol is the primary target for Valencia CF, the club has been trying to get him for months now and has a personal agreement with the player, though the negotiations with his club Napoli have been unproductive so far, but Valencia CF still has at least one more round of negotiations to reach an agreement.

This is a confirmed player that Valencia CF want to buy and will be hoping to add to the squad in the next few weeks.

Ignacio Camacho is the secondary target for Valencia CF, the club has identified several players to leave and among them in Enzo Perez who's salary is quite large, but so far he's been unable to justify his fee and salary, so Valencia CF is looking at Ignacio Camacho who currently plays for Malaga CF as a defensive midfielder and sees him as the perfect replacement for Enzo Perez.
Valencia CF have approached the player and club, with  Ignacio Camacho being open to a move to Valencia CF, while negotiations with Malaga CF are still ongoing and there is an issue about the transfer fee for the player, though negotiations are in the early stages and there are at least 2 more meetings where terms could be negotiated, though Malaga CF would probably only be forced to sell if the player's 18 million euros buy-out clause is triggered.

Alternative to Ignacio Camacho is Amadou Diawara, but only if Valencia CF can't acquire Camacho. Negotiations have started with the player and his club about a potential transfer, but again Valencia CF are more so inquiring about the player and the possibility of leaving, rather than mounting a full out purchase.

Filip Kostic is the third and final confirmed player that Valencia CF want to bring to their ranks. Valencia CF first option was Cheryshev, but the negotiations with the player and his club have been tough and some of the demands unrealistic that Valencia CF have given up on the player and have looked elsewhere for options, identifying Filip Kostic as a great alternative to Cheryshev. Valencia CF have already told Pablo Piatti to find a new club, while Rodrigo De Paul who returns from loan is also out of the plans for the coach and sporting director, so Valencia CF are essentially left with no options on the left flank. So far the negotiations with the player have been positive, but once again Valencia CF has stumbled across a bridge wall in the negotiations with VfB Stuttgart, who are another club overvaluing their player and trying to get unrealistically high amount of money considering their situation.