Friday, June 17, 2016

Andre Gomes set to leave Valencia CF

With four clubs chasing after Andre Gomes it seems his days are numbered at Valencia CF. The club wanted to sell some of the dead wood so to speak and trim the squad a bit, but so far barely anyone wants those players, with some of the best offers being loan requests.

Since Valencia CF wants to bring in 4 to 5 new players and time is quickly running out they are forced to basically part ways with Andre Gomes to get the cash required to purchase new players. There are four clubs after Andre Gomes with Chelsea FC, Manchester United, Juventus and even FC Barcelona is interested in acquiring his services, his price could easily reach the zone where Valencia CF would be willing to part ways with him. So far Juventus have sent an offer of 40 million euros plus a player from their team, but Valencia CF rejected the offer and demanded at least 60 million euros in pure money.

With Manchester United, Chelsea and others getting really interested in the player, its likely some of those teams will bid 60 million euros or more. Andre Gomes is considered one of the brightest prospects in Europe, almost on the same level as Pogba, but Pogba's price being close to 80 million euros, most clubs are turning to Gomes.