Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Valencia to sell Diego Alves, Enzo Perez and several others

Valencia CF will be getting rid of several dead wood players this season and possibly some more in order to reduce the wage expenditure and make space for new better arrivals. Rumors are that Valencia CF has so far put several players on the transfer list: Diego Alves, Aymen Abdenour, Aderlan Santos, Enzo Perez, Pablo Piatti and Alvaro Negredo.

Diego Alves is kind of a surprise if this report is true, I think he is by far the best keeper between him, Jaume and Ryan, but his sale would bring more money and significantly reduce the wage expenditure as he is one of the top paid players in the club.

Alvaro Negredo hasn't shown much in the two years he's been at Valencia CF, so its obvious he is put on the transfer list, also the highest paid players at Valencia CF, so huge saving on his salary. The question becomes how much can Valencia CF recoup as its unlikely clubs will be willing to pay more than 15 million euros for the form Negredo's been the past year or so.

Enzo Perez is too injury prone, so I guess the sporting director doesn't believe he could fully recover and stay fit and healthy to contribute, although I must say when he did play he was rather good on average, though nothing special either. I think ultimately by the contribution metrics another failure for us, came for 26 million and hasn't repaid that investment.

Aymen Abdenous another big arrival last season, came as a big reinforcement and a replacement for Nicolas Otamendi, but hasn't worked out, he's performed average for us and overall another big transfer failure, we've had plenty of those.

I guess he would still sell for a lot of money, especially since he did play most of the matches for us last season and you could excuse his performance due to new environment, language barrier and stuff like that, so he is likely to reach a good prize and Valencia CF should be able to recoup most of the money paid for him.

Pablo Piatti had a great season the one before last, but the last season he failed to recreate his best form and thus he's been put on the transfer list, the team top brass don't think he can contribute enough to the team and thus he'll be leaving us.

Sofiange Feghouli is a free agent at the end of next month, probably sooner as teams are likely to try and get him fast, question is which teams does he agree on joining. Valencia CF won't be getting a transfer fee, but the savings in salary expenditure will be big enough.

On the other hand Valencia CF has rejected several offers for both Andre Gomes and Joao Cancelo, both of whom are considered huge talents and great future players, so the big interest from clubs is not surprising. Juventus is really interested in Andre Gomes as they are preparing for the possible loss of Paul Pogba, they are willing to spend 30 million euros to get Gomes, but Valencia CF will only listen to offers in the 50 million range. Another suitor for Gomes is Arsenal, Arsene Wenger is a big fan of Gomes and would like to increase the creativity in the midfield.

Valencia CF really want to bring back Albiol from Napoli, but even though his contract expires next season and he would be able to leave for free, Napoli are desperate to keep the player for the next season as he was one of their best players last season.

Raul Albiol supposedly has an agreement with Valencia CF and is trying to push for the move to happen, but it looks like its going to be an uphill battle to bring him back to Valencia CF. At the age of 30 he is still young for a defender and Valencia CF are considering that he still has at least 3 more years left in him, while he does bring a lot of experience.