Saturday, May 14, 2016

Valencia CF 0-1 Real Sociedad

The last game of the season and it is a game to forget just like the season.  Two new centre backs in Santos and Vezo and Danilo central midfield in place of Fuego. Most pleasing though was to see Jaume back in goal much to the delight of the home fans. 20,000 fans bothered to turn up and I guess the ones that didn't bother knew what was in store for us.

The first period was devoid of any excitement or incident except seeing Piatti helped off after appearing to pull a muscle chasing a ball from Gomes. He had been pretty awful it has to be said but hearing a certain section of the crowd whistling as he went down, in my opinion was a disgrace. Piatti has given this club some good years and some good performances and he did not deserve to be treated in that way. There appeared to be tears in his eyes as he was limping off, no doubt as a result of his injury, the jeering and even perhaps the thought that this may be his final game in a Valencia shirt.  Nobody deserves to end in that manner.
I was expecting whistles at half time but when Santos got his head to a corner and shaved the back post it at least postponed the protests to the final whistle.

The first half had been probably the most boring 45 minutes I have spent at the Mestalla apart from the time when me and the wife got the kick off time wrong earlier in the season against Rapid Vienna and arrived an hour and half early and wondered why we were almost the only ones there. However this comes as a close second.  It looked, as it was, and end of the season game with nothing for either team to play for apart from extra TV money which was quite a lot apparently. However, as it wasn't going into the players pockets, they obviously weren't bothered.  While we were still awaiting the first shot at goal from Valencia,  Real went and stole it right at the end. A mix up in our goal allowed Oyarzabel to fire home a minute from time.  We should really have been a goal up when a few minutes earlier Alcacer was barged over in the area but the referee, who was having his last La Liga game, ignored the shout for a penalty. Negredo, who had just come on managed to fire the loose ball wide and high.  He also missed a good opportunity a minute earlier when heading just over, a loose ball, but it wasn't to be our night yet again. Yellow cards to Vezo and Gomes which were not deserved makes me feel that I wish this ref had retired last week especially after turning down our blatant penalty against Alcacer.
This is the first time ever I have left the ground before the final whistle and my feelings are that I am glad to see the back of this season and hope things will improve next year, which I am sure they will.

Player Ratings
Jaume  6.5   Not too much to do but made a few very good saves to keep us in the game. Had no chance with the goal.  He has to stay surely.
Barragan 4.5  Keeps forgetting he is a defender and ploughs forward recklessly and far too casual in getting back.  Needs to be replaced.
Santos 5.5   I thought he had a good game and is big strong presence in the defence. Made one bad error to get caught with the ball but won it back well to clear.  He can stay with us
Vezo 5.5  Another good performance and looks really confident now again. Sometimes passes a bit wild but he is a defender.  Has to stay for next season
Siqueira 5.0  Had a good game going forward and made some good tackles when defending. Always looking to get in on the attacking action.  Has to stay to share the spot with Gaya
Danilo  4.5  I do not think this guy is good enough for this team. He is not rubbish but he is not good. I think if we can get him cheap, I mean, under 4 mill. we should take him and loan him out.
Parejo 6.5  Kept things going while others looked disinterested. He would be badly missed and we need a similar player to cover for him in event of injury or suspension.
Gomes 5.0  Too many balls lost again but works hard for the team. Made some nice surging runs as usual but sometimes seems on a different wave length to others except Parejo.
Mina 5.5  Always gives his heart to the play. Took a nasty cut on the lip when fell into the keeper but got back up and continued.
Piatti 4.0  Another really poor game.  It is such a shame but I think for him and the club he has to go and start afresh with another team. The fans have lost confidence in him now and it shows in his play.
Alcacer 5.0  Left on his own up front and I do not understand why Negredo wasn't brought on at half time or even from the start.  As soon as he did come on we started making chances. A real error from Pako I.M.O.

Cancello 4.5 Replaced Barragan.  What has happened to him, he seems to have lost his way.
Negredo  N/A   Unfair to score him, he was on 10 mins, made and missed 2 good chances but livened up the attack.
Sito  5  Replaced Piatti.  has a good turn of speed and gets out of corners well. Looks a good prospect but did not impress me too much in this game.

Coach  Pako  4.5  I thought tonight he got it all wrong and it appears to me that if the players wanted him to be the manager next season they might have played with a bit more enthusiasm for him. I can only think they do not rate him because if they did they would have shown it on the pitch.